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Mission Statement: To bring holistic alternatives, HealthRHYTHMS Empowerment Drumming, Reiki and Art to spas, spiritual centers, medical centers, support groups, caregivers, senior and memory care communities.

Specializing in teaching the following holistic certification classes:  

All levels of Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Rhythms of the Heart Reiki Drumming

Color & Sound Therapy (i.e. drumming, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.)

Color Therapy


A variety of Metaphysical Classes 

Debbie also offers a variety of unique art classes, self-discovery workshops, drumming circles and painting parties!

Drumming Attractions

Usui Reiki, Reiki Drumming & Karuna Reiki

Upcoming Classes & events 


Empowerment Group Drumming

"Where I come from we say that rhythm is the soul of life, because the whole universe revolves around rhythm, and when we get out of rhythm, that’s when we get into trouble.  For this reason the drum, next to the human voice, is our most important instrument.  It is special" – Babatunde Olatunji

Tune In To Sound
Debbie's Classes & Events

All of Debbie's Classes & Events are interactive! 

"The participants in my classes are from all walks of life striving to strengthen their spiritual senses and ability to TUNE IN To their Inner Wisdom (intuition), Inner Rhythm (creative self-expression) and Inner Healer (balance body, mind and spirit)" ~Debbie Nuccio Durrough