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Uncork the Wine and Tune In To Your Inner Artis
Facilitated by Debbie at the historical Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona

Friday, November 17, 2017, 4 pm

Saturday, December 9, 2017, 3 pm

Class Fee: $25 with a paid admission to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona
Class size is limited to 20. RSVP by calling: 1.888.453.6489 
Uncork the Wine and Tune In To Your Inner Artist is more than your typical art class.  Absolutely NO art experience needed! Sip a little wine and experience how easy it is to create an abstract expressionistic painting using the Valarie Rogers technique along with Debbie's unique process for bringing it all together. The process also strengthens your creativity and spiritual senses.  This class also includes the meaning of the colors, symbols and the synchronicity that shows up in your life and painting.


RHYTHMS of the Heart Shamanic Reiki Drumming Certification Training

THREE Drums: Sacred Buffalo Drum, Bahia Earth Drum and Ocean Drum

OPEN to everyone!  NO musical or other experience needed

11 am - 5 pm
The Sacred Journey in Riverside, CA

RSVP as class size is limited to 14 participants.  Email:  debbie@tuneintosound.com

2018 TUITION SPECIAL $99 plus $36 student kit fee.  Student Kit includes:  Training Manual, Crystal, materials to make one drumming mallet, misc. materials, power animal token, handouts and certificate of completion.

Returning students pay $36

Gather with Debbie Nuccio Durrough and experience how QUICKLY you can STRENGTHEN Your Personal Power, Psychic Senses, Divinatory Skills and Inner Healer with the Sacred Shamanic Buffalo Drum! The Drum is an ancient tool that is easy to use for grounding your energy, clearing energy, and balancing body, mind and spirit.  It also supports you in Tuning In To the messages from your body, soul and spirit helpers. 

The drum can be used alone or combines well with Reiki, Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, etc.  Upon completion, Reiki practitioners will be certified in Rhythms of the Heart Reiki Shamanic Drumming.  Everyone else will be certified in Rhythms of the Heart Shamanic Drumming. 

This training day is facilitated in a retreat style setting.  NO two classes are every the same, as the ceremonies, practice sessions and overall experience are always different.

·  Learn how science and shamans unite on using the drum as a tool for wellness and transformation

·  Experience how easy it is to Tune In To Your Inner Drummer and Inner Rhythm

·  Learn the a-b-c’s of drumming (it’s as easy as 1-2-3)

·  Learn the many health benefits from drumming

·  How to use the drum as a wellness tool for yourself, others and in a distant healing session

·  How to combine the drum with Reiki and other alternatives

·  How to use the drum to strengthen your personal power and psychic senses

·  How to empower the law of attraction with the drum

·  How to facilitate a Sound Massage

·  How To move and clear energy with the drum

·  Practice sessions

·  Experiences empowerment and blessing songs

·  Experience and learn how to facilitate a Shamanic Journey (meet spirit animals and spirit helpers)