HealthRHYTHMS Empowerment Group Drumming for Seniors

The Second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM at Valencia Terrace in Corona.

The Third Tuesday of each month at Estancial Del Sol Retirement Community in Corona 10:00 AM Memory Care and 1:00 PM Seniors

The HealthRHYTHMS® protocol developed from medical research that shows the health benefits of drumming with a group, including stress reduction, mood improvement and a boost to the immune system.  Listed below are some of the benefits from Group Drumming:

•     Reduces Stress, Tension and Anxiety
•     Increases Natural Killer Cell Activity
•     Strengthens Immune System
•     Reverses Effects of Stress on Your DNA (in 19 of 46 genes studied)
•     Improves Mood and Reduces Burnout
•     Inspires Creativity and bonding
•     Helps with chronic pain, as drumming promotes the production of endorphins
•     Slow Rhythmic Drumming helps stroke victims reconnect to their bodies
•     Helps individuals with Parkinson's to move more steadily
•     Children with ADHD often focus better after drumming
•     Can help strengthen personal and professional relationships
•      And more 


RHYTHMS of the Heart Wellness Drumming Certification Training Day with THREE Drums

The Sacred Buffalo Drum, the Ocean Drum and Earth Drum

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 9 am - 5 pm

OPEN to everyone ~ NO musical or other experience needed!

Wellness Drumming can be used alone and it also combines well with all healing modalities such as: Reiki, Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Shamanic etc. 

The Special Summer Tuition for New Students has been extended!  AND…Returning students only pay $45.  No two classes are every the same! The basic training is the same, but the experiences, ceremonies and practice sessions are always different.

SUNDAY, October 8, 2107

Time: 9 am - 5 pm 
Location:  The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio, 505 W 1st St, Tustin, CA
RSVP as class size is limited.  Email RSVP to:  debbie@tuneintosound.com  951.833.6597 phone/text

 New Student Tuition:  $145 with $36 Student Kit Fee.  Student kit includes Debbie’s Rhythms of the Heart Training Manual, Crystal, misc. materials and certificate of completion. 

Returning Students pay $45 with $10 student kit fee

Gather with Debbie for a retreat style training day and experience how easy it is to Tune In To Your Inner Drummer and Inner Healer.  Discover how the ancients used the sacred buffalo drum as a Powerful Healing Tool.  Experience hands-on introspective and interactive ceremonies and training including the following:  Learn the science based health benefits from drumming, the a-b-c’s of drumming, how to use the Sacred Buffalo Drum as a wellness tool for yourself and others, how to facilitate a Sound Massage with all three drums (hands-on practice session), shamanic journeying, power animals, how to use the drum to clear and move energy in the body and space, how to use the drum to strengthen your 6-spiritual senses, how to use the power of the drum and the law attraction to empower your life and all that you want to drum into your life. 


Drumming Attractions ~ no experience needed and we provide the drums!

Gather with Debbie Nuccio Durrough and Eric Wagner on Sunday, October 29, 2017 (1 pm - 2:30 pm) and experience the power of group drumming AND a shamanic journey.  Together we will drum to create a circuit of love to open our hearts, balance body, mind and spirit and raise our vibration.  The group drumming supports you in Tuning In To messages from your soul, ancestors, animal and/or other spirit helpers as Debbie guides you through a shamanic journey with her bahia earth drum.      

Date:  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2017
Time:  1 pm – 2: 30 pm
Location:  The Sanctuary Wellness Center and Yoga Studio, 505 W First, Tustin
$20 fee includes all materials 


Tune In To Your Inner Artist & Spiritual Wisdom ~ NO art or other experience needed and it's more than an art class

Date:  SUNDAY, November 5, 2017
Time:  1 pm – 3:30 pm
The Sanctuary Wellness Center and Yoga Studio,
505 W First, Tustin, CA
RSVP as class size is limited.  Email:  debbie@tuneintosound.com
Gather with Debbie and experience how easy it is to tune in to your inner artist and spiritual wisdom.  Absolutely NO art or other experience needed! Learn how to create an abstract expressionistic painting using acrylics with the Valarie Rogers process and Debbie’s unique way of bringing it all together.  The process is easy and can help you “let go of control” and strengthen your psychic senses.  Includes the meaning of colors, symbols and the synchronicity that shows up in your life and painting.  Everyone receives a reading and group participation is encourage with regards to “reading” the messages that show up in the paintings.  $36 fee includes all materials including large canvas


Tune In To Sound

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