SPECIAL Summer Tuition$145 plus $36 student kit fee.  Student Kit includes:  The Rhythms of the Heart Wellness Drumming Manual, Crystal, misc. materials and certificate of completion.  

Next class:  SUNDAY, August 13, 2017

Location:  The Sanctuary Wellness Center and Yoga Studio, 505 W 1st St, Tustin, CA

Time:  9 am - 4 pm

RSVP:  debbie@tuneintosound.com   951.734.3579 

Gather with Debbie and experience how the ancients used the DRUM as a sacred healing tool.  Learn how scientific and anthropological studies unite on using the drum as a wellness tool and the many health benefits.   

Wellness Drumming can be used alone and it also combines well with all healing modalities such as: Reiki, Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Shamanic etc.

A hands-on training day with three drums ~ Buffalo Drum, Ocean Drum and Bahia Drum

Learn how science and shamans unite on the many biological and psycho-social benefits from drumming

Learn how the ancients used the drum to heal, move energy and change consciousness

Learn how to use the Ocean Drum in meditation, healing sessions, etc.

How to give a healing using the drum on yourself, family, friends, clients, pets, nature, etc.

How to combine the drum with the law of attraction

Experience drumming journey, power animals and blessing ceremony 

Learn how to facilitate a drumming journey for yourself and/or others with the Sacred Buffalo Drum and Bahia drum

Experience the soothing OCEAN DRUM...Picture yourself on a beautiful beach… absorbing the sounds of the ocean waves rolling onto the shore… relaxing and breathing deeply… Surrender to the soothing sounds and replenish your body mind and spirit…

R-E-L-A-X... RELEASE... REPLENISH with the Ocean Drum.  Sometimes this drum sounds like Ocean Waves and at
other times it will sound like rain on a tin roof, a babbling brook, or waterfall. IF you ENJOY replenishing near water, you will LOVE the soothing experiences from the OCEAN Drum.The sounds and overall experience from the Ocean Drum will vary from person to person and no two healing sessions are ever the same.  This is because the Ocean Drum always “mirrors” the individual’s current emotional rhythm.  The sounds from the Ocean Drum can sound like ocean waves today and at another time like a tsunami, rain on a tin roof, a down pour of rain, waterfall, babbling brook, etc. 


RHYTHMS of the HEART Wellness Drumming Teacher Certification

Contact Debbie when you are ready to learn how to teach Rhythms of the Heart Wellness Drumming

Email:  debbie@tuneintosound.com   951.734.3579  

This training class is for anyone that would like to teach RHYTHMS of the Heart Drumming classes.  

$250 plus $50 Student Kit  

Must have already completed Rhythms of the Heart Wellness Training with the buffalo drum, ocean drum and bahia drum. 
Discover how to teach classes and facilitate ceremonies, guided meditation, journeys and more. 

Contact Debbie when you are ready for your training:  debbie@tuneintosound.com

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RHYTHMS of the HEART Wellness Drumming Certification Training with the Sacred Buffalo Drum, Ocean Drum and Bahia Drum

NO musical or other training needed

Discover how easy it is to Tune In To Your Inner Drummer and Inner Healer