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 Family Caregiver Support Program
 The Riverside County Office on Aging
 By Mary Hrinko, Program Manager
 The Magic of Color and Sound®

The Care Pathways model caregiver program offers a range of coping skills to deal with the challenges of day -to - day care of a chronically ill family member or friend.  Throughout the 12 week education series, many tips to take care of oneself are explored as caregivers of older adults are likely candidates of extreme stress and burnout.  Care Pathways participants have enjoyed exploring new methods of relaxation they may not have incorporated into their daily routine.
 Debbie Durrough, founder of Tune In To Sound, has been a frequent guest presenter during the Healthy Lifestyles segment. She has brought the Magic of Color and Sound® to the participants through a watercolors exercise and a play lists of popular tunes.  The caregivers "feel" the emotions brought on by the suggestion of different colors and the background music which connects them to emotions that often touch them deeply and creative watercolors are a result of this introspective exercise.  
  Debbie is also a HealthRHYTHMS® facilitator and whenever possible brings this knowledge and talent to the Care Pathways participants, guiding them through theexperience of drumming to facilitate communication and personal expression.  This evidence based Recreational Music Making program has shown results that include improvement in mood states, enhanced creativity, and bonding.

The following was taken from Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona
 August 8, 2014 • by Erin Pinto
 Have you ever noticed that a certain color or song can make you feel a certain way? When you think of the word “Happy” what color comes to mind?  Yellow, perhaps? The color yellow can typically be associated as being a cheerful and lively color; it also can be used as an attention getter.  Notice how a lot of fast food restaurants use the color yellow in their logo? Is there a song that you associate being happy with? Something that is typically fun, upbeat and danceable or maybe even catchy? When you learn to associate color and music together you can learn a deeper sense of your feelings and be able to bring a sense of peace to your heart, body and mind.

One of the many JoyFitness classes that is offered at the Hot Springs is “The Magic of Color and Sound,” taught by Debbie Nuccio Durrough. Debbie has an extensive bio, as she is a Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Master Teacher, Color and Sound Therapy Practitioner/Teacher, a trained HealthRYTHMS Facilitator, Numerologist and Feng Shui Consultant to name a few.  Debbie’s passion is “with teaching and facilitating a variety of holistic alternatives that support self-empowerment, personal growth and the new interpretation of “wellness.”

In the class each student is given a blank canvas and a water color pallet that includes a range of color options from all spectrums of the rainbow. You may look at your blank canvas and think about what you could possibly paint? You do not need to have any artistic skills at all to attend this class or paint on your blank canvas. All you need is to listen; to the instructor, yourself and the music.

 You start by listening to Debbie discuss the class and the way that it works. She will explain each color and its meaning as you go along. Starting with Red and working your way through the color spectrum up to Purple. After the meaning of the color is explained, a song will then be played that matches the color and the mood of the color. As you begin to paint you will begin to listen to the song and the design will start to flow from your paint brush. Whatever you are feeling will display on your canvas and will unfold into a story of your inner feelings and emotions. When the music stops, you will stop painting and move on to the next color. After you have gone through all of the colors you will then listen to one more song and be given a chance to “free style paint” and use whatever color you would like, giving you a chance to add any final touches to your painting. When the class is done painting and the music is silenced, Debbie will then go around the class and share everyone’s paintings. You will learn a little about yourself and what your painting means as well as get to know a little bit about your fellow classmates. It is an enjoyable, emotional experience that will help you to open your heart, mind and body to be able to interpret the language and magic of color and sound.  An excellent class. 


Testimonials from the participants in some of Debbie's Classes

Very informative.  Debbie is Knowledgeable, gives complete information, and personalizes.  I will recommend this class to others ~ Christian Gikas, Cht. Msc.D, Hypnotherapist and Writer, Laguna Woods/Irvine area

"Debbie is so well organized and has so much information.  She always makes her classes so fun!  The information was spot on ~ Kelly, Huntington Beach, CA

"I thought this was a very well paced, organized and informative class.  I enjoyed it greatly.  The class was very well thought out and executed.  Thank you ~ Christy Clark, Artist, Healer/Clairvoyant (Mindful Heart readings and healings), Huntington Beach, CA  

"I really love the Music." ~ Victoria, Irvine, CA

"I really like this class.  I am so happy to know that I am doing what my numbers support.  Thank you Debbie for a wonderful class ~ A.C., Costa Mesa, CA

" I learned so much.  Debbie is very Knowledgeable and articulate.  She gave us a lot of information.  A very interesting class ~ Kathy, Garden Grove, CA
"Very enjoyable.  Information was given in an easy way to understand ~ Patty, Long Beach, CA

"I love learning more about Numerology. Today's class was very informative ~ Ms. Penaz Jogi, Brea, CA  

"Debbie's classes are always an uplifting experience." ~ Luz Rodriguez, Reiki Master

  "Great class Debbie.  Another winner!!!  Each time I take your class I learn something new." ~ Cynthia, La Mirada, CA

  "I really enjoyed all the practice exercises.  I appreciate all the handouts.  Variety was great!  Thank you." ~ Melody Anderson

  "A lot of information!  Well organized and clearly presented.  Thank you!" ~ Laura Scott

  "Very fun, and helped me to feel my creativity, thank you very much." ~ Susan

  "I truly enjoyed myself.  Gave me insights to where I am in life right now and direction." ~ Emelia Ceuvas

  The class was a good overall introduction to many areas of spiritual development.  I learned new information about numerology and tarot." ~ Dana Taylor

 "Debbie is very professional, and very informative.  She makes the class fun, and very interesting.  Debbie is a great business person, and very successful in her teaching and knowledge.  I will be taking more of her classes!" ~ B. N.

  "I had soooo much fun today and learned a lot!" ~ Linda J. Hicks, Reiki Master,
 "I had so much fun in Debbie's class! She really gives you an entire experience, sound, visuals, smells, amplified all of my senses and helped me get back in touch with the things I take for granted every day.  Her energy is so warm and happy, I can't wait to go back for her Reiki certification classes."  Aughty K., Orange County, CA

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