Debbie specializes in combining Reiki with the sounds and vibrations from Tingshas, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Ghantas, Gongs, Chimes, Tuning Forks, the Buffalo Drum, Ocean Drum and Moja Drum.

Sound Therapy can be viewed as a wellness alternative that can be used alone or combined with other healing modalities such as: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Zone Therapy,and more! Sound Therapy can also be combined with Western Medicine, seems to help with the side effects of medication, may even help shorten recovery time.

Jonathan’s Goldman seems to say it best with his comparison of the human body being like an orchestra where the sound of each organ and each function combines to create the music of the body. When one aspect of the body gets ill or out of balance, the whole orchestra may give off disharmonic waves, causing dis-ease.

The human body is about 2/3 water and 1/3 earth, and because we are mostly water, the sound waves can  easily resonate throughout the body. These vibrational sound waves are felt and heard throughout the body and even on a cellular level.

Some of the benefits from Sound Therapy: 

  • facilitates a deep level of relaxation
  • calms the mind
  • help anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias
  • help sleeping disorders
  • release endorphins and help chronic pain
  • improves circulation and blood pressure 
  • releases emotions, drama, and trauma trapped in the body that eventually manifest as blocked energy in the body
  • reverses some of the impact of stress on your DNA
  • strengthens the aura and balances body, mind and spirit
  • shorten recovery time
  • amplify creativity, passion and joy
  • expand consciousness
  • Awaken passion, creativity, and joy


Certification Classes in Color Therapy, Sound Therapy and Tuning Fork Therapy

Ready for your training?  Contact Debbie at: debbie@tuneintosound.com

The following THREE CLASSES listed below is a favorite for anyone wanting certification in both Color Therapy and Sound Therapy.  The classes can be taken in any order!

Colorand Sound Therapy Practitioner

Next Class:  To be announced

Tuition: $200 with $54 materials fee.  Materials Fee includes: The Color and Sound Therapy Level One Manual, a 7-piece chakra crystal set, candles, materials for color therapy healing session, color therapy bath crystals, color chart/handouts, misc. materials, and Color & Sound Therapy Practitioner Level One certificate of completion ready for framing. 

Includes: A full day of hands-on Color Therapy Training and one Sound Instrument, the OM weighted 136.1 Tuning Fork  

  • The history of color therapy
  • How to use Color Therapy as a wellness tool
  • How to combine Color Therapy with other healing modalities
  • Learn the Metaphysical and energetic expression of the 7 colors of the rainbow
  • Learn why you like/dislike certain colors
  • The 9 Major Chakras
  • Experience an introspective process using color and sound
  • Learn 3 methods for seeing and/or sensing auras
  • How to read auras and chakras
  • An intro to Feng Shui and colors
  • A review of the many Color Therapy Tools that are available to enhance and amplify a Color Therapy Healing Session
  • How to facilitate a Color Therapy Healing Session for yourself and others.
  • The safety protocol for Tuning Forks
  • The Many uses of the OM weighted 136.1Hz Tuning Fork
  • What drives the price on the OM Tuning Fork
  • How to use color and the OM weighted 136.1Hz Tuning Fork in a healing session
  • Practice sessions
  • California compliance

Sound Therapy Practitioner

Tuition: $200 with $54 materials fee.  Materials fee includes: The Sound Practitioner's Training Manual for Singing Bowls (Crystal and Tibetan), Ghantas, Tingshas, Chimes, Gong, and Vibratone, One Crystal Pendulum, One Crystal, Handouts, and a Sound Therapy Practitioner Certificate of Completion ready for framing.

Includes: a full day of hands-on training with the following Sound Instruments:  Chakra Tuning Forks, Angel Tuning Forks, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Ghanta & Dorje, Vibratone, Chimes, and Gong.

  • How Sound Therapy works
  • The language of Sound Instruments
  • How to use Sound Instruments to quiet the mind in meditation and during a Sound Healing
  • The many uses for the following Sound Instruments:  Angel Tuning Forks, Chakra Tuning Forks, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshas, Ghanta and Dorje, Gong, Chimes, and Vibratone
  • The many health benefits from each Sound Instrument listed above
  • How to facilitate a variety of methods for each Sound Instrument listed above
  • How to apply a variety of methods and techniques for each Sound Instrument
  • How to facilitate a Sound Healing for yourself, others and your pets
  • How to combine Sound with other wellness modalities and Western medicine
  • How to know the difference between a healer's grade sound instrument and others
  • How to select and purchase a singing bowl that is right for you
  • How to care and store your sound instruments 
  • How to select a Tuning Fork that is right for you and right for your client
  • Learn what drives the price on each sound instrument
  • How to select the right activator
  • How to facilitate a Chakra Tune-Up
  • How to combine Crystals with Sound Instruments
  • Learn which crystals work best with Sound Instruments
  • Hands-on practice time
  • and much more! 


Tuition: $199 with $99 Materials Fee. Materials fee includes your own 16-inch professional grade REMO Buffalo Drum or Ocean Drum, Training Manual, two mallets, handouts,and certificate of completion ready for framing.

Includes: a full day of  hands-on training with FOUR DRUMS: Sacred Buffalo Drum, Bahia Drum, Ocean Drum and Moya Drum.

  • How to use all four drums as wellness tools
  • Learn the many health benefits from drumming
  • Learn about the scientific research that supports drumming and wellness
  • The ABC'S of Drumming
  • How to care for your drums
  • Tune In To Your Inner Drummer (everyone is born a drummer - it's in your DNA), Inner Wisdom (Intuition), Inner Rhythm (Creative Self-Expression), and Inner Healer
  • The POWER of drumming to facilitate the release of stress, emotions, and trauma held in the body
  • How the the drum can be incorporated to enhance and amplify other healing modalities (i.e. Reiki, Massage, Zone Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Feng Shui and more)
  • How to use the drum in meditation and journeying
  • How to facilitate a healing session with the Buffalo Drum, Bahia Drum and Ocean Drum for yourself, others, and pets 

The Tuning Fork Therapy® Certification Classes listed below are open to    everyone.  These classes must be taken in order!  These classes are a good choice if you are only interested in becoming certified as a Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner! Each level of training INCLUDES one or more Tuning Forks (read below): l

Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner Level One

Tuition:  $154 with $90 Materials fee ($270 total).  Materials fee includes: One 8-piece Harmonics Student Beginner Set of Tuning Forks, the Tuning Fork Therapy Level One book by Francine Milford, one black round hockey puck activator, handouts, and a registered certificate of completion ready for framing. After completing this course, students wanting to teach, will be able to teach their own Level One Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner classes and certify their own students, and your name and contact information will be posted in the Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioners' Internet Directory of TFP in the USA.    

The Level One Training Includes: 

  • The science of sound
  • CA compliance
  • How to use tuning forks to create well being and balance in the body
  • Review of the Nine Major Chakras
  • Chakra Tune Up
  • Toning
  • Meditation
  • Methods/techniques for using Tuning Forks and much more

Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner Level Two

The level two is open to anyone that has already completed the Tuning Fork Therapy Level One

Tuition: $154 with $90 Materials Fee.  Materials fee includes: One OM 136.1 weighted Tuning fork, The Tuning Fork Level Two book by Francine Milford, Reflexology Charts, Handouts, misc. supplies, and a Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner Level Two registered certificate of completion ready for framing.

The Level Two Training Includes: 

  • The Many uses of the OM Tuning Fork
  • Kinesiology
  • Muscle Testing Techniques
  • Intro to Reflexology
  • Referral points of the body
  • Using Tuning Forks on the reflex points of the body
  • Reflex points on the hands and feet
  • Zone Therapy
  • Practice Sessions and more


Tuning Fork Therapy Level Three

This level of training is open to students that have already completed Tuning Fork Therapy level one and two.

Tuition:  $154 with $90 materials fee.  Materials fee includes:  3-piece Angel Tuning Forks, the Tuning Fork Therapy book by Francine Milford, charts, handouts, misc. materials and a registered certificate of completion ready for framing. 

The Level Three Training Includes:

  • Aura Smoothing Techniques
  • Intro to Acupressure Points of the body
  • The twenty major acupressure points of the body
  • How to use Tuning Forks on the 20 major Acupressure points of the body
  • Points on the back
  • Charts
  • The Five Elements
  • The Elemental Body Technique
  • The Laser Technique
  • Accessing your Energy Body
  • Protocols for the acupressure points

Tuning Fork Therapy Level Four

The Tuning Fork Therapy Level Four training is open to students that have already completed Tuning Fork Therapy Level one, two, and three.

Tuition:  $154 with $90 materials fee. Materials fee includes: .One Genesis Tuning Fork, the Tuning Fork Therapy Level Four book by Francine Milford, handouts, misc. materials, and a registered certificate of completion ready for framing.

Training Includes:

  •  The 12 Major Meridians of the Body
  • Points on the Meridians to use your Tuning Forks
  • The Conceptual Meridian
  • The Governing Vessel
  • Additional points along the Conceptual and Governing Vessel
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  • The Flow of Energy
  • How to Perform the Flow of Energy Method with Tuning Forks
  • Chart of the Five Elements
  • The Five Elements and the Meridians
  • Ascending and Descending Energy



Color and Sound Therapy Classes

"If we accept that sound is vibration, and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is ‘heard’ not only through our ears but through every cell in our body" ~ ~Mitchell Gaynor, M. D.